Paris Mohan Kumar, The Artist

Paris Mohan Kumar, acclaimed as one of the 40 greatest artists in the world by UNESCO in 1988, this self-taught veteran artist hails from Mahe, Kerala.  Mohan Kumar began his search and journey into the world of art from Puducherry (Pondicherry) and later moved to Paris where he spent a good 24 years amongst art, paint and canvas.

Mohan Kumar is an ardent lover of nature, forest and everything green and organic; he was involved in preserving and conserving the forest for the past ten years. Living in the forest amidst the tribe and the wild life has given him an insight as to how careful and protective we need to be for our valuable resources which we must try to sustain and retain rather than consciously damage and destruct in a carefree manner. His efforts in those ten years where solely aimed at protecting the forest and providing the inhabitants its natural habitat without any obstruction from outside forces. He along with his friends who share the same passion, work on saving the forest along with the tribal communities within the forests



Galerie Wild Space is located in the quaint little place called Fort Kochi in the state of Kerala, India. Fort Kochi is a laid back historic town that holds many ancestral stories which are centuries old and tales of invaders especially the Portuguese and the Dutch. Once ruled by the Dutch, Portuguese and the British, Fort Kochi still has remnants of the then Royal empire like the architecture and surrounding s to say. The structures, houses, buildings, alleys, streets etc. still boast of the colonial designs and architecture, though centuries old they still stand out big and strong giving visitors and tourists all over the world a jaw dropping and remarkable sight worth seeing again and again

Fort Kochi receives a big rush of tourists from all over the world every 365 days, so the crowd is an amalgamation of different interests, tastes, likes and dislikes. They see sights, purchase souvenirs, 

savour different tastes and make memories on their visit to Fort Kochi. 

Galerie Wild Space is located in close proximity to the Fort Kochi Beach in a street called Napier Street right next to Aambal, Eco clothing store.


It is often a quiet and serene street and passers-by step in to have a glimpse of the paintings as it is quite a sight from the street into the gallery interior. Gallery has a main room while entering then stepping down into the second room and through a narrow doorway into the third and final room. The gallery is filled with paintings on the wall along withrenewed wooden furniture’s and sculptures of the artist as well

Inspiration to create paintings

Paris Mohan Kumar was like any other artist when he first began to sketch down his mind frame to canvas, he drew anything and everything that interest him. Only when he went down deeper and deeper did he think on the social, emotional and physical aspects of things in terms of the society we live in, the institutions and the surroundings that mould us to humans, better or not 


Having lived most of his life in Paris and then later part in his home town of Wayanad in Kerala, he realized that one section of the society is always looked down upon or given less importance or power and is mostly the weaker section of the society. Yes, you guessed it right; he decided to paint women in his canvas feeling that they were the ones who needed an uplift or motivation. And he tried to do in a way that he knows best, PAINT. 


Taking into account, all the feelings and emotions felt by a woman he drew her dreams, fears, motivation, inspiration, sorrows, happiness, good times and anything and everything that revolved around the life of a woman. All of Paris Mohan Kumar’s painting will have woman playing the protagonist and perceiving his paintings is not difficult, as we can normally understand and relate ourselves and our state of being to his canvas. If you wish to buy, painting on women, visit or go to Galerie Wild Space in Fort Kochi, Kerala

Why organic food should be made mainstream?

With increased health risk and diseases, one needs to think about what to put in our plate in the morning, noon and night. While more and more propaganda and publicity on consuming healthy fruits and vegetables for increased life span, we need to actually think are we eating HEALTHY? Paris Mohan Kumar follows a very natural and healthy style of living devouring organic food and he deeply wishes and hopes that everyone will one day shift to Organic food. Made in accordance with following the standards of organic farming, without the use of any harmful insecticides or pesticides but promoting ecological balance and conserving biodiversity, organic foods are safer and healthier options other than the conventionally grown food


Paris Mohan Kumar first love is painting and second love is organic farming, he has acres of farm land in Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka where he cultivates fresh fruits and vegetables and distributes it among his friends, family and his tribe. Mohan Kumar understands the importance of healthy and clean eating and he knows that greens are to be consumed fresh and in large quantity than any other animal meat. Hence, in this era where junk food and other unhealthy lifestyle prevail, let us try to promote clean eating by converting our food eating habits to organic food. Buying Paris Mohan Kumar’s paintings will enable him to expand on his farming and produce more organic fruits and vegetables to a much larger community. If you wish to buy, painting on women, visit or go to Galerie Wild Space in Fort Kochi, Kerala.