About the Artist

Mr. Mohan Kumar

“I let women wander freely in the plains, the woods and the moonlit nights. At least here they can feel safe and secure unlike feeling like a prey who is always being hunted.”

These are the words of a human being who has made the call of the wild and its innocent creatures the rhythm of his heart. Mr. Mohan Kumar, better known as Paris Mohan Kumar, is an internationally acclaimed painter. He is a selfless human who has devoted his life to the cause of protecting nature and its true inhabitants. He is the voice of those helpless people whose tales of suffering remain unknown and unnoticed to the world. This is one of the reasons why he was listed by UNESCO in 1988 as one of the 40 Greatest Artists in the world. He was also honoured by Lalita Kala Academy, New Delhi and was also a general council member of the Central Lalita Kala Academy. He educates modern man about the need to respect women and nature through his paintings. 

“Buy agricultural land located close to forests and let the forest spread into the land. I am trying to realise the concept through my own efforts and by the help of my NRI friends.”

Mr. Mohan Kumar is popularly known as ‘Paris Mohan Kumar', having spent 20 years in Paris and exhibiting his paintings all around Europe. He returned to his native place in Kerala almost two decades back and was horrified to see what was happening to the biodiversity of the land. “So I planned to sensitise public on the importance of conserving nature and biodiversity through my paintings” he said. Mohan kumar is an autodidact, who searches and finds his way between worlds. He assimilates impressions and influences, which reaches him, but in his own way, without restrictions in style, without concessions, but also without reserve. He has in him his world, his will and perception. whatever moves him, he brings it to his world, which becomes a part of himself, with which he paints. 

Mohan Kumar has exhibited in many cities of Europe including Paris, Berlin, Vienna etc. His art has been bought by many companies, art institutions and eminent personalites all over the globe. Some of them include: Coface, Art et Paix, Evy Varta, L&T, Tata, Hero etc.